Why you should give a damn and join the group.

  • Membership is a commitment to donate $100 to the winning local charity at each of our 4 yearly meetings. There are no club dues.
    Your commitment helps to let charities know what to expect from meetings should they win.
  • Get to know an outstanding group of local men and leaders in our community.
  • Raise awareness about all the amazing nonprofit work that’s taking place in the San Angelo area.

Do I have to make a commitment?

  • Yes, as a member you commit to making four quarterly donations of $100 to the charity chosen by the majority.  You can withdraw at anytime by contacting us. But you cannot join and then simply NOT participate.

Am I required to attend every meeting?

  • We would love to have you at each meeting but understand if you can not attend. If you cannot attend a meeting, you will still be expected to honor your commitment by sending your check with a friend or dropping it off at the meeting location.